Warm, tactile and luxurious.

Carpets have been used to make a house a home for hundreds of years. They are warm and cosy and when fitted with a good underlay can help to insulate your property and cut down on heating bills. Carpets can significantly reduce noise transmission from room to room and can create a safe non slip surface. Although you should be conscious of where the carpet will be installed many of the brands we stock are incredibly durable and stain resistant. Carpet has made something of a comeback in the last few years and colour and texture possibilities are endless.

Carpet Fibres

Carpet fibres can be natural, synthetic or a mixture of the two. Wool, Polypropylene, Polyamide (also known as Nylon) or Polyester have different characteristics and it is important that you think about the practical aspects of each as well as the appearance. We have many blended options that can allow for both durability and style.


Wool has been the traditional choice for carpets as it is soft and luxurious. It has great insulation properties and can return to its original shape after heavy objects have been placed on it. Wool is naturally fire retardant and surprisingly easy to clean. By combining it with synthetic materials it can be an even more durable choice as it gives the carpet more strength and can reduce fibre shedding. Wool is a sustainable product so it one of the flooring options we would recommend to the environmentally conscious.


This synthetic fibre is great value for money and can be a practical solution for a busy room. It is highly resistant to stains and is really easy to clean. Polypropylene comes in a wide variety of colours and doesn’t fade after frequent spills and cleaning, even with bleach! It dries out quickly and doesn’t attract mould and mildew so it is a great choice for damper areas. This fibre does not create a static electric charge so is perfect for rooms with computers. Although it is very durable it and generally a lower price than other fibres it is worth bearing in mind that it can flatten easily so it is probably best in an area with a lower foot fall.

Polyamide (Also known as Nylon)

Polyamide carpet is very strong and the hardest wearing of the synthetic carpets. It comes in a massive range of brilliant colours and patterns and although it can be vulnerable to discolouration many brands are treated to be more stain resistant. Polyamide is soft and resilient so can look new and luxurious for much longer than other materials – a great option for many rooms in the home, including high traffic areas. A static electric charge can build up on polyamide carpets so if you are wanting to install it in a computer room it is worth checking it has been treating with an antistatic coating.


Polyester has a warm and lustrous look that is easily cleaned. It is a great choice for allergy sufferers and resists mould and mildew. It has the look and feel of wool and comes in many rich and vibrant colours. It can become susceptible to wear and indentation marks but for a space with low traffic such as a dining room its an excellent choice. It has a glossy luxurious quality and when blended with other fibres it can reduce shedding and provides tuft definition.

Carpet Types

Woven Carpet

Most carpets are no longer made using the traditional weaving method as longer production times can increase the cost. However as an investment, a woven carpet can be excellent value for money. As each tuft is securely locked into place with the backing materials the resulting product is incredibly hard wearing and will maintain its structure for 20-30 years. It’s a popular choice for hotels as they require the luxurious feeling underfoot with the confidence that it will maintain it integrity for many years.


An Axminster carpet is machine woven, with individual pieces of yarn being woven through the warp and weft threads. This process creates U-shaped tufts which give a velvety surface. Intricate designs can be made and as the process locks in the fibres the carpet is highly durable with great longevity.


Instead of individual threads the Wilton carpet construction uses continuous strands of yarn woven all the way through the warp and weft. This means the carpet can be sheared to create a range of cut and loop textured effects. The complex looms which create these structured surfaces can allow up to 5 colours so that the pattern options available are inexhaustible. As with all woven carpets it is of the highest quality and durability.


Flatweave carpets are manufactured in the same way as Wilton carpets by interlocking warp and weft threads. The pile is actually looped but with no height it gives the impression that the pile is flat. This means, whilst feeling quite firm underfoot, it doesn’t show signs of flattening or shading.

Tufted Carpet

Carpet is most commonly manufactured using the tufted method. Hundreds of loops and tufts are threaded through a pre-woven backing material. A strong adhesive fixes the yarns in place and a secondary backing is glued on for added strength and durability. This highly mechanized process can allow for countless styles, textures and colours to be created at affordable prices.

Loop Pile


Based on the traditional carpets made by the Berber people of North Africa and Asia Berber carpets are a modern and stylish option. They are made of thick and bulky yarns that give a cushioned effect underfoot. They come in a variety of colours including flecked options and are great for high traffic areas in homes and offices. They are highly durable and stain resistant but can be difficult to clean if dirt gets lodged in between the fibres.

Level Loop

Level loop carpet is made with loops that are all the same height, creating a flat, smooth surface. It is usually made from synthetic fibres and is often chosen because it is extremely durable and easy to clean. It is a great choice for high traffic areas and often used in commercial applications. As this is a relatively short pile it can sometimes show up dirt but this can be camouflaged by picking a pattern that includes specks of colour to help hide debris.

Multi-Level Loop

This carpet is manufactured with different height loops which forms a three dimensional pattern across the surface of the carpet. It can hide dirt and stains well and can create a visual statement in any high traffic areas. Perfect for a busy family room or for many commercial purposes.

Cut Pile


This densely woven carpet has a very soft and luxurious feel. It’s a ideal choice for a bedroom or formal area where you can really appreciate the quality of the longer pile. This carpet should probably be avoided in busier areas as it tends to show marking cause by foot prints and vacuuming.


If you want the luxurious feel of a saxony carpet but without the problems caused by marking then frieze is a great option. The twisted fibres are treated so they don’t stand completely upright. This makes stains, dirt, foot prints and wear much less noticeable.


By tightly twisting the fibres it ensures that this carpet is hard wearing and easy to look after. It comes in plain or mottled colours which can be great for hiding dirt and stains while still maintaining a springy feel underfoot.


Another option for occasional rooms is a velvet carpet. It can be marked by foot prints but the longer and blended pile of this carpet gives a smooth and luxurious appearance when used in this right location.

Cut & Loop

An endless range of patterns and textures can be created by combining both cut and looped fibres. As with all multileveled carpets it is great for disguising any marks or stains so is great for high traffic areas.

Shag Pile

Shag pile carpets have recently enjoyed a resurgence of popularity. They have a loose and casual texture with a very long pile which gives a messy but luxuriously look.

Bonded Carpets

Carpet tile are manufactured in a completely different way to woven and tufted carpets. The fibres are fired into an adhesive material rather than woven in. They are incredibly hard wearing and as they can be replaced individually they are an excellent choice for busy commercial uses.