Hard wearing and stylish options for professional applications.

As well as the style and look of your commercial space it is vital that the flooring you install is hard-wearing and fit for purpose. Victoria Road Carpets has had years of experience with commercial customers so if you come and speak to us about your requirements we should be able to find a product that is perfect for your circumstances.


Rubber is a great choice for many applications. It is slip resistant and warm underfoot, making it suitable for residential kitchens and bathrooms as well as industrial uses. Rubber floors are electrostatically dissipative so are favourable in areas with computers and other electrical equipment. Rubber’s bouncy quality ensures a high degree of walking comfort and provides noise insulation making it an excellent option for hospitals, educational establishments, airports etc. It is very easy to keep clean and comes in limitless colours and textures. Being exceptionally durable and wear resistant means rubber is a very cost effective flooring.