Floor Preparation

The foundation of a professionally installed floor.

Surface preparation is a vital part of installing any new floor. If it is done inadequately it can result in a poor final fitting and a lower life expectancy of the product. Our staff are highly knowledgeable and can assess existing flooring and be able to identify any potential issues. Each case is different and they will be able to advise you on appropriate action for your individual circumstances, whatever the state of the existing floor. The surface will then be prepared in accordance with approved standards.

A well-installed sub-floor will keep the upper layer level and well insulated. It will prevent squeaks and show off your new flooring to its greatest potential.


Plywood is the most common type of subfloor for timber floorboards. Ranging in thickness from 6mm-18mm we can assess your existing floor and supply and fit a ply that is suitable.

Screeds and Self Leveling Compounds

Screeds, or self leveling compounds, are cement like powders that are mixed either with water or latex to form a liquid. They are then poured over the uneven floor which levels out problems and imperfections. Left overnight they dry to a smooth and hard surface which gives a perfect base onto which the new flooring can be installed. This is the most common preparation for stone floors.

Combination of Plywood and Flexible Screed

By laying a plywood base then pouring over a flexible screed a perfect finish is achieved. This technique is usually employed for our range of luxury vinyl tiles.