Tough, durable and hygienic alternative to natural materials.

Vinyl flooring is ideally suited for all areas of the home ranging from high traffic areas such as hallways and family rooms to kitchens and bathrooms where water and spillages can be an issue. Many vinyl options have added slip resistance and antibacterial treatment which means its a great choice for homes with children and pets. Vinyl is very durable, comfortable underfoot, stain resistant and easy to maintain. It comes is a massive variety of colours and textures from bold bright statements to natural effects including wood, marble and slate.

Cushion Flooring

Cushion flooring is another vinyl product that is designed to look great, but is also durable to general wear and tear. Some other vinyl options can become slippery when wet but because of the way cushion flooring is designed, the texture will prevent puddles from forming, therefore eradicating any danger of slipping. This type of flooring is so hard wearing it is difficult to scratch and doesn’t discolour so should last for many years.

The cushioned layer as the name suggests means it is soft underfoot and very quiet to walk on. It comes in a variety of widths so it can lend itself easily to large spaces and it’s large range of natural surface options gives you a choice of natural finishes with all the benefits of a modern, practical product.


Victoria Road Carpets stock a range of cushion flooring manufacturers including Rhinofloor, Novilon and Beauflor.  Please speak to us about which product would suit your room and budget.