Warm, tactile and luxurious.

Natural wooden flooring is a beautiful choice for your home. It’s rich and delicately textured look is a stunning option for both period renovations and modern interiors.

Victoria Road Carpets can supplies wooden floors in a vast array of colours, dimensions and finishes. The various options can positively influence and transform the look and feel of the finished room. Pale, long planks can elongate a space. Narrow strips with a variety of colour variation can be an interesting feature in a small room but can look busy and out of place in a larger area. During consultation with our friendly and experienced staff we can suggest options and make recommendations that are individual to you and your space.

Solid Wood

This traditional choice is water resistant but should be sealed with lacquer if used in a bathroom or kitchen. For areas where water is not an issue oiled and brushed boards can fitted to create a fashionable matt appearance. Solid wooden floors can be sanded and retreated if you desire a new look in the future without having to lay a whole new floor.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is made up of several layers of lightly compressed hardwood. Although the appearance when installed is the same as solid wood the stability of the construction means the planks are unlikely to shrink with age and variations in temperature. The click installation system is suitable for laying over under floor heating systems and stone flooring. Although engineered wood is very durable spillages should be cleared up quickly to prevent swelling.