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The Avanti Collection is the Kährs basic range, but is worldwide renowned for high quality and flexibility. These wooden floors come in lacquered, matt lacquered and oiled varieties. The floor has a total thickness of 13 mm, and a slightly thinner surface layer, which can be sanded 2-3 times during its lifetime.

Kährs is one of the oldest and most innovative manufacturers of wooden floors in the world. They are constantly researching and developing new ways to make their flooring stronger, easier to install and more sustainable while ensuring their luxurious products are as beautiful as they can be.


  • Installation -To be installed floating on a level, solid surface such as concrete, particleboard or wood. Can also be glued down.
  • Sanding – Can be sanded 2-3 times
  • Number of Layers – 3
  • Board Thickness – 13mm
  • Surface layer – 2.5mm
  • Core Material – Spruce / Pine
  • Joint System – Woodloc® 5S
  • Guarantee – 20 years
  • Colours – 9