Highest quality preparation to create the best possible finish.

The most important and sometimes overlooked aspect of choosing and installing a new floor is the preparation. We have extensive experience of all different types of subfloor and we can advise and rectify most issues before the new flooring is installed. This is vital to create a smooth and even surface so that the flooring you choose looks and performs at its best.

Our sales staff are highly knowledgeable about the different solutions available and can explore the options with you. We are always happy to visit your home and see at first hand the problems that you are experiencing.

No matter the type of subfloor; whether it is timber, stone, tiled, metal, or painted there is a method to prepare it ready for the new flooring. Our experienced and well trained fitters understand all the problems of uneven floors and will make every effort to create a uniform surface before the final installation. You can find more information on the types of floor preparation available in the Buying Guide section of the website.